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Fieldbus Field Terminal Smar IF302 Fieldbus Field Terminal Smar IF302 Fieldbus Field Terminal Smar IF302

Fieldbus Field Terminal Smar IF302


Smar, model IF302, Field Terminal,

4-20mA to FB Converter


Smar, model IF302 -01-A, Field Terminal,

4-20mA to FB Converter

Iq = mA

NEMA 4X/6/6P


The IF302 is from the first generation of Fieldbus devices. It is a converter mainly intended for interface of analog transmitters to a Fieldbus network. The IF302 receives a current signal, typically 4-20 mA or 0-20mA, and makes it available to the Fieldbus system. The digital technology used in the IF302 enables a single model to accept three inputs and also provide several types of transfer functions, an easy interface between the field and the control room and several interesting features that reduce considerably the installation, operation and maintenance costs.
The IF302 is part of Smar’s complete 302 series of Fieldbus devices. Fieldbus is a complete system enabling distribution of the control function to equipment in the field.
Using Fieldbus technology, with its capability to interconnect several devices, very large control schemes can be constructed. In order to be user friendly, the function block concept was introduced. The user may now easily build and overview complex control strategies. Another advantage is added flexibility, the control strategy may be edited without having to rewire or change any hardware.

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