Temperature Transmitter, Model:644HANAXAQ4 with Thermowell Sensor

Rosemount, Temperature Transmitter, Model: 644HANAXAQ4 and Thermowell sensor


Rosemount, Temperature Transmitter,

Model: 644HANAXAQ4,

Sensor Type: TCK 2 wire

Range: 0 to 600 Deg C

Tag: TT710-0245

Fitted with Thermowell Flanged Temp. Sensor

Model: 0185C003K1F0135N0555G3XA

NIST Type K T/C 2 Wire 0 to 600 Deg. C

Tag No. TE710-0245

Mounted to 316/L STEM

8 Bolt stainless steel flange

HTP- 4000psi


New in box, selling for 50% of whole sale value

Temperature Transmitter, Model:644HFNAQ4

Rosemount, Temperature Transmitter, Model 644HFNAQ4.


Rosemount, Temperature Transmitter, Model 644HFNAQ4.

With Foundation Fieldbus,

Also in stock we have model 644HFNA.

New in box surplus stock

Selling for $50.00 each.

Large quantities in stock.

Temperature Transmitter, Model:Alphaline 444

Rosemount Temperature Transmitter,  Model : Alphaline 0444HFNAQ4


Rosemount Temperature Transmitter,  Model : Alphaline 0444TJ1U1C2NA

Span: 100/300 c, cal: 0-300c, percentage display.

New in box selling for 50% of wholesale value.

Temperature Transmitter, Model:644H

Rosemount, Temperature Transmitter, Model: 644HFN,


Rosemount, Temperature Transmitter,

Models avaliable:

Model : 644HFNAJ5Q4G3,

with Foundation Fieldbus, Sensor type: PT100 385, 4 wire.

Range : 0 to 500 Deg. C and 0 to 100 Deg. C

New surplus stock in original packaging .

Selling at $150.00 each.


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